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What I’ve been working on

This week has been filled with distractions.

But I’m proud to have kept up with my newsletter, preparing blog posts and other writing.

I have also begun redrafting my first poetry collection, A Babel of Words.

And I managed to post my collages daily last month as a part of Februllage 2023, an international art project encouraging you to post your art on Instagram according to single-word prompts.

 So it pushes you to make, create and post every day. It’s been great to see so many outstanding collage artists supporting one another. I have discovered so many new artists to follow, thanks to Februllage.

I’m just going to share my top 5 collage creations from February. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Sunflowers always brighten up everything. They shine like the sun.


Dedicated to strong women.


I loved using these old art textbook illustrations the reflect contrasts in the idea of freedom and imprisonment.


Reflecting on this prompt made me think about how weeping and sadness like most emotions are transitional, weeping and laughter co-exist, in a kind of yin and yan relationship. Like comedy and tragedy masks in ancient Greek theater.

February is a strange time of year here in Sicily, still very much in the dead of winter, yet it’s Carnival time which I think reflects these extremes in emotions. There are traditional Carnevale costumes that are happy go lucky, others who remind us of death and those who are weeping.

So in honor of Italian Carnevale I choose to put my weeping images amongst the fun and celebrations of the most pagan celebrations. In the colors of a harlequin’s bright costume. Despite the sadness of winter we celebrate the moment.


Of course I had to do something with my favorite edible cactus fruit, the prickly pear or fico d’india. It’s such a Sicilian fruit to eat even though its origins are in Mexico, where it is also popular. I just think it’s so Sicilian though,every time I eat one it reminds me of my Grandparents and their ancient island home.

I like to make and share things, particularly photography, art and zines.

During the Covid lockdown, my work practically stopped, as most of the world did. An initial fear paralyzed me. But eventually, I shook myself out of it through a new habit of regular creative practice. Apart from writing, I used art, reading and music to help keep me motivated. 

I got out my sketchbook which had been put aside for years and revived my love of self-expression. It was my therapy.

Then I thought, why not share some of the things I’ve been making with my blog audience, so I created my first zine.

A zine is a self-published book or magazine dedicated to a personal interest or specific theme designed to share with a small audience.

So one zine dedicated to my photography in Sicily titled A Sicilian Mosaic soon turned into a second zine devoted to poetry. Then it was followed by a third one dedicated to the memory of performer Michael Lee Aday (Meat Loaf). All of my zines are available for purchase from Amazon

Apart from Zines, I also like to share my new sketches, photography and collages.

I look forward to creating something new and sharing as much as I can here with you

I love making something small, personal and well-crafted for those who are already reading along with me on my blogs. It was an enthralling process, which I hope to continue regularly.

I hate to be long-winded, so I will stop here now.

I’ll keep writing something worthwhile, well thought out and new here now and then, perhaps more often if I get into a karmic writing zone.

Thanks for reading along here, and be sure to send this to a friend or someone you think might enjoy it.

Speak again soon.

With love and light

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