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About Me

I am an Australian writer and photographer who has been living in Sicily for twenty years.

Over the past decade, I have shared my perspective on daily life in Italy.
I blog about my experiences as an expat living in a small Sicilian town.

Poetry is my first love. I have been writing poems since childhood.

Poetry is an interest and passion that is never far from my heart, from old song lyrics to Shakespeare, Pushkin, the Beats and everything in between.

My poems come from dreams, imagination and emotion.

All of my ideas start as an image, a word or phrase of poetry.

The poems are left to ferment over many years, and those who survive the editing process and the passing of time become concentrated images of universal truths.

I have published a collection of Sicilian-inspired poems and am working on new poetry collections.

This new blog is all about my thoughts and musings about life and travels in Sicily.

It is also a place where I can put all of my interests together.

You will find all of my content here from: creative writing to poetry, personal essays, music and book reviews, photography and artwork.

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There are some exciting times ahead.