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My travels inspire me through the Sicily of my maternal family heritage. My artwork melds together elements of my family tree, the Sicilian landscape and an intimate narrative created by the natural storytelling flare of the Sicilian people, which I have inherited. My artistic expression is an ongoing dialogue with my Sicilian roots. The self-published zines I have created reflect my love of Sicily and creativity. I am currently taking art commissions on request based on family stories and old photographs. Email your stories and requests here for more information.

Italianissimo (virtual collage)
Death’s love affair (virtual collage)
Meat Loaf rocking from The exceptional life of Michael Lee Aday (Virtual pencil line drawing)
The past lingers in the air like smoke (virtual collage)
Men in dresses seeking secret blessings (virtual collage)
The island of lions, bears and elephants (virtual collage)
Sicilian DNA (Virtual collage)
The Odour of death (virtual collage)
A man’s life is always so difficult (virtual collage)
Nothing Ventured nothing gained (anologue collage)
Confession, breathe, lost (analogue collage)

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